Ntl Hot Dog Day 🌭; help Utah refugees school children by filling backpacks; missing 12 yo found safe; waterfalls in Capitol Reef
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Situational Analysis | July 19, 2023

It's Wednesday and Senator Romney's favorite holiday*: National Hot Dog Day! 🌭

What You Need to Know

  • Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel announced Tuesday her office had charged 16 people for their participation in a “false electors” scheme attempting to overturn the state’s presidential election results in 2020 by presenting themselves as an alternate slate of Trump electors. The "electors" signed documents attesting (falsely) that Donald Trump had won in Michigan. A former co-chair of the Michigan GOP was one of those charged. "The false electors' actions undermined the public's faith in the integrity of our elections and, we believe, also plainly violated the laws by which we administer our elections in Michigan," Attorney General Dana Nessel, a Democrat, said in a statement Tuesday. Each of the 16 have been charged with three felony conspiracy counts and five felony counts related to forgery.

Rapid Relevance

(*I don't actually know Senator Romney's favorite holiday but I do know he loves hot dogs!)


Utah’s Water is Scarce – How You Can Save It

Population growth impacts, like increasing water demand, worry many Utahns. Leaders welcome input on solutions. Take the survey and be heard.


Utah Headlines

Political news

  • Rep. Burgess Owens tries to add flights to Washington, D.C., airport, as Democratic Senators say they will oppose the move (Deseret News)
  • As nation pays $400 billion in interest on debt a year, Rep. Blake Moore says it’s time to cut ‘partisan ploys’ (Deseret News)
  • Salt Lake councilwoman calls for policy to prevent adult men from entering women's locker room (KUTV)

Election news

  • Ogden City Council hopefuls sound off on housing, the homeless, police evaluations (Standard-Examiner)
  • Fresh off his CNN interview, Ron DeSantis will visit Utah Friday. As he releases a new military policy, DeSantis says he wants to take the ‘woke’ out of the Pentagon (Deseret News)

General Utah news

  • David Bokovoy: Salt Lake Community College’s Prison Education Program lowers recidivism rates for inmates, helps inmates break out of defeating cycles (Deseret News)
  • A massive, global cyberattack has reached Utah, so how can you protect your identity? (KSL TV)
  • Thousands of horses are exported for food. This Utah sanctuary takes horses out of the ‘slaughter pipeline.’ (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Two men broke into this prominent Utahn’s home. They spent more time there than in jail. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • ‘I just want to go swimming’ Utahns transition from prison to parole (ABC4)


  • When it comes to leadership in Utah, where are the women? (Utah Business)
  • Bar Nohm in Central 9th now celebrates Japanese and Korean drinking culture (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Utah’s third inland port is coming to Spanish Fork. The Verk Industrial Park Project is set to become an industrial hub. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • FTC and Justice Department double down on strategy to go after corporate monopolies (NPR)


  • Days of ’47 begins with annual cattle drive through Salt Lake City (KSL TV)


  • How to thank your teachers: Free school supplies and a surprise lounge makeover (ABC4)
  • No kidding! Goats hired to clear weeds at Utah schoolyards (Fox13)


  • A proposed national monument in Arizona impacts Utah ranchers, energy (Deseret News)
  • Mapping the misery: How data could help cities prepare for a hotter future. Citizen-scientists drove around Salt Lake City as part of an initiative to find hot spots. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Tom Davidson: Give working Utahns a reason to root for the green economy (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Urgent need to crack down on human-caused wildfires threatening Utah (Fox13)
  • Utah’s Community Renewable Energy Program is projected to come to fruition in 2024 (KUER)
  • The world bakes under extreme heat (Wall Street Journal)


  • ‘I just need to be there’: Emily Blunt is stepping back from acting to spend time with her kids (Deseret News)
  • Fit and finished: Family Support Center receives makeover from St. George mill workers (St. George News)


  • New advisory links mental health conditions as a symptom of long COVID (Deseret News)
  • We need a new understanding of ‘self-care’ (Deseret News)
  • Utah PTA, pediatricians speak out against rule that would allow more nicotine in e-cigarettes (KSL)
  • Intermountain's heart transplant team celebrates 600th transplant (KSL)
  • Intermountain Health receives nearly $52 million for research on ARDS treatment (UPR)
  • Hot weather could be to blame for increased kidney stone rates (KSL Newsradio)
  • 2 Utahns create 'pre-therapy' boxes among other kits to help those struggling (Fox13)


  • Younger Americans willing to make sacrifices to find affordable homes (KSL Newsradio)
  • Program helps pay bills to keep Utahns cool during sweltering summer (Fox13)

National Headlines


  • Sensitive U.S. military emails containing travel plans of officials, tax returns, passwords and diplomatic documents have been leaked to Mali, all because of a common typo (Deseret News)
  • Not so 'cruel summer' for US food banks as Taylor Swift donates at each 'Eras' tour stop (KUTV)
  • Archaeologists in Louisiana save artifacts 12,000 years old from natural disasters and looters (AP)
  • Mammals may have hunted down dinosaurs for dinner, rare fossil suggests (AP)
  • Tupac Shakur’s long-unsolved killing again under spotlight as Las Vegas police conduct search (AP)


  • Unpacking Trump’s latest legal woes (Deseret News)
  • Trump’s target letter suggests the sprawling US probe into the 2020 election is zeroing in on him (AP)
  • DeSantis fights to reset his stagnant campaign as Trump dominates the 2024 conversation (AP)
  • Poll: Trump has 47% support among Republicans; DeSantis at 19% (Reuters)
  • Senators to propose ban on US lawmakers, executive branch members owning stock (Wall Street Journal)

Ukraine 🇺🇦

  • Kyiv says Russia hits grain infrastructure with "hellish" strikes on Ukraine's Odesa ports for the second consecutive night (Reuters)
  • Ukraine's farmers fear the worst after grain deal collapses (Reuters)
  • Putin has been humiliated, put under pressure, UK spy chief says, and unlikely to regain momentum (Wall Street Journal)


  • Climate and violence hobble Nigeria’s push to rely on its own wheat after the hit from Russia’s war (AP)
  • Adrift for months, Australian and his dog lived on raw fish until Mexican fishermen rescued them (AP)

Number of the Day 

Number of the Day, July 19, 2023


News Releases

Utah and law enforcers nationwide announce enforcement sweep to stem the tide of illegal telemarketing calls

The Utah Division of Consumer Protection, a division within the Utah Department of Commerce, along with the Federal Trade Commission and other law enforcement partners nationwide, which includes attorneys general from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, announced a new crackdown on illegal telemarketing targeting operations responsible for billions of calls to U.S. consumers.

The joint state and federal “Operation Stop Scam Calls” initiative builds on the efforts of Utah and other state and federal partners to combat the scourge of illegal telemarketing, including robocalls. This initiative targets telemarketers and the companies that hire them, as well as lead generators who deceptively collect and provide consumers’ telephone numbers to robocallers and others, falsely representing that these consumers have consented to receive calls. It also targets Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers who facilitate tens of billions of illegal robocalls every year, which often originate overseas. (Read More)

Salt Lake County one step closer to making internet service more affordable for low income residents

Salt Lake County is delighted to announce the hiring of staff to assist qualifying households applying for affordable internet services. This affordable connectivity program will help families verify their eligibility and complete their applications for this federal program.   

In March the mayor’s office helped secure $170,000 from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to promote enrollment in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The goal: Help provide Salt Lake County residents with subsidized, or even free, access to the internet. (Read More)

Utah House and Senate Minority leaders call on elected officials to engage thoughtfully and constructively online

"We are deeply troubled by repeated racially-charged actions by elected officials on social media platforms, and we will not be silent while communities of color endure attacks online by our colleagues. We can agree to disagree on policy and still be respectful while protecting one’s freedom of speech. Elected officials represent ALL people—our words and actions have consequences and can especially impact underrepresented communities who are already feeling targeted and fearful in the current political climate. As elected officials, our platforms should reinforce thoughtful conversations that are constructive and seek to advance responsive solutions to our most pressing problems. Conversations, including online dialogues, should encourage understanding and express humanity at a time when it is all too easy to voice divisive, inaccurate, and harmful language. Elected officials—regardless of political affiliation—must hold each other accountable when they say disparaging things against marginalized communities. We’ve already started to facilitate these difficult conversations with our colleagues and are dedicated to holding each other accountable."


Tweet of the Day

Screenshot 2023-07-19 at 7.54.27 AM



  • Show Up for Teachers Conference — July 19, 8:00 am-4:30 pm, Mountain America for Teachers, Register here
  • Legislative Court Reform Task Force — July 19, 1:00 pm, le.utah.gov
  • One-day civil rights symposium for high school juniors and seniors — July 21, Mount Liberty College, Register here
  • Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee — July 27, 11:00 am. le.utah.gov
  • Interim Days — Aug 7-10, le.utah.gov
  • Municipal election filing period for cities using ranked choice voting — Aug. 8-15
  • 'Titan of Public Service' gala recognizing Senator Mitch McConnell and former Transportation and Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, hosted by the Orrin G. Hatch Foundation — Aug. 22, 7 p.m., Register here
  • Legislative Education and Mental Health Coordinating Council — Aug 23, le.utah.gov
  • Municipal/Special election primary — Sept. 5
  • Interim Day — Sept. 18, Utah Tech University, le.utah.gov
  • Interim Day — Oct 10-11, le.utah.gov
  • Interim Day — Nov 14-15, le.utah.gov
  • General election — Nov. 21

On This Day In History 

  • 1692 - 5 more people are hanged for witchcraft (19 in all) in Salem, Massachusetts. They are victims #2 - #6.
  • 1799 - Rosetta Stone found by a French soldier near the town of Rosetta. The artifact held the key to solving the riddle of hieroglyphics, a written language that had been “dead” for nearly 2,000 years.
  • 1814 - Samuel Colt is born. In 1836, he received a patent on a revolving six-cylinder pistol.
  • 1843 - The Great Western Steamship Company launches the SS Great Britain. The steamship was the first ocean-going ship with an iron hull and screw propeller. She was also the largest ship on the ocean at the time.
  • 1848 - The Seneca Falls Convention begins, the first-ever women's rights convention in the US. 
  • 1865 - Charles Mayo is born. Along with his brother William, he founded the Mayo Clinic.
  • 1902 - Anna Marie Rosenberg is born. She became an assistant secretary of defense (1950 – 1953) and served in many other government positions.
  • 1940 - Adolf Hitler orders Great Britain to surrender. They were dis-inclined to acquiesce. 
  • 2017 - US Senator John McCain diagnosed with brain cancer

Quote of the Day

"If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart."

—Nelson Mandela

On the Punny Side

To the person that stole my glasses.

I will find you, I have contacts.


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